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 About Shuli Zalcman | Personal Life Coach in Jerusalem

I’m so happy you arrived here and I’m sure you’ll enjoy the unique content.
Nice to meet you, my name is Shuli Zalcman, and I’m a personal life coach for empowerment. I specialize in relationships, am certified by Yozmot College and Bar Ilan University, and am recognized by the Israeli Life Coaches Association.

In addition,I took courses in life coaching that were taught by some of the best mentors in the world (Tony Robbins, John Assaraf, Alon Ullman, and Ariel Auerbach).

I hold a B.A. in chemistry and biochemistry from The Hebrew University (including courses in psychology and genetics). I started out as a private math teacher (for students with 4-5 points in math matriculations) and simultaneously worked as a real estate agent for over a decade. I have taken courses in real estate investment, real estate entrepreneurship, mortgages, and establishing small businesses. I thoroughly enjoyed the world of real estate, mainly working with people. I sold people houses and simultaneously helped them solve their problems. Throughout the years, I felt that my soul was missing something deeper and more spiritual and that I wasn’t fulfilling my true purpose.

Why Life Coaching?

Ever since I can remember myself, the mind, soul and spirit have always interested me.Even as a child, I used to look at people and wonder what motivated them to behave in a certain way. It surprised me to learn that there were people who chose to behave in a way that was harmful to themselves (self-sabotage), whereby their actions did not serve them at all. As I got older, I discovered that I had similar behaviors and I couldn’t explain them to myself. Sometimes I felt helpless or lacking control in certain situations, and I wanted to understand why I felt this way and how I could change the feeling. Additionally, I searched for an answer as to why I felt stuck in certain situations and I wanted to change that too. I decided that I had to come up with a solution for these issues, for myself and for others.

I decided to look inside myself and at the people I met, including families around me, in order to understand the secret to successful and satisfying relationships. Firstly, my relationship with myself and afterwards, my relationship with those around me. I went through therapy with a life coach whereby I learned to empower myself. This helped me change the way I looked at myself and the world around me. I completely changed the way I think. The process allowed me to free myself from beliefs and perceptions that were holding me back. I learned how to deal with fears and anxiety and went through a phase of forgiveness for myself and to others who had hurt me. In the process, I reconnected with my inner voice and my authentic self. I began to look at the world with rose-tinted glasses and felt much happier about myself.
I developed a strong desire to help others and to shout out to the world that there is a solution for your problems. You don’t have to leave things bottled up inside. You don’t need to live an average life feeling trapped inside but rather an extraordinary life feeling free like a butterfly!

Through everything I learned, I picked up pearls of wisdom and built a method that incorporates the four parts of our being: body, mind, soul and spirit.

What is the BCT Method I Developed?

BCT (Breakthrough Coach Therapy) is a comprehensive coaching method that touches on all aspects of the human experience. Our entity is composed of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual parts. In order to create real and lasting change, one needs to access each of these parts of his/her being.

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BCT allows for quick changes to be made (between 3-6 months) in thought patterns, emotional patterns, and behavioral patterns. My clients and I do in-depth work focusing on self-image, self-worth, releasing suppressed/blocked emotions, or alternatively dealing with overpowering emotions (fear,anxiety,anger, jealousy, hatred etc.). They learn how to balance and manage their different emotions, instead of letting their emotions control them. They learn to believe in themselves and feel that they are able to cope despite uncertainty. Instead of their old patterns, they learn to create new optimal patterns and behaviors. BCT allows them to release their inner resistance and to develop mental and emotional resilience. Additionally, the method enables people who feel stuck in their painful past stories to finally let go of them. As a result of this, they become more relaxed and experience internal freedom. Their self-confidence improves, their relationships improve and they feel happier. They become better parents, better partners, and better people in general. During the process they go through, they feel more satisfied and fulfilled and they become better versions of themselves.

My Personal Story

I’ve always been outstanding at interpersonal communication and at analyzing and solving complicated relationship issues. In 2016, I decided to go back to college to study life coaching. At present, I work as a life coach and use special techniques that I’ve developed whilst working with my clients. Most of the issues that I help my clients with are close to my heart as I have dealt with the same difficulties in the past.

What Led Me to a Career in Life Coaching?

By the time I was in third grade, I already knew what type of a mother I wanted to be (by comparing my friend’s mothers). In elementary school, I was the girl everyone shared their secrets with and the go-to shoulder to cry on. I always knew how to listen really well, calm people down, and give them good practical advice. I was always discreet and never shared other people’s personal stories.

When I was 13.5 years old, my parents informed me that we would be making Aliyah (immigrating) to Israel from the US. I had only one month “to process” this knowledge until we actually moved. This was my first significant trauma and it shook my whole world. As a result,I became extremely introverted and my self-confidence plummeted.

During high school, I developed an eating disorder. I ate large amounts of junk food as a way of dealing with the difficulties I was going through which stemmed from immigrating. I gained weight which lowered my self esteem. I didn’t like my appearance as it didn’t correspond with the way I thought I should look. In the US, I was very athletic and played on all of the sports teams (basketball, soccer, and volleyball) so I was always in excellent physical shape and my appearance matched accordingly.

When I came to Israel, I didn’t have the opportunity to continue playing sports. Exercise and movement were things I needed to lift my spirit so I felt extremely repressed. In eleventh grade, I began to read books about how to live a healthy lifestyle and I decided to change my eating habits. As a result, I developed a method that helped me lose 5 kilograms and ever since then, I have maintained a stable weight (except during pregnancies, depression, and fibromyalgia). I wrote a guide that explains my method for weight loss which can be purchased here:

In addition, I started reconnecting to my authentic self and realized that I didn’t want to continue leading a religious life, but rather be traditional. As a very spiritual person I believe in a higher power, however, I choose to live traditionally instead of religiously. In the beginning, I hid my decision from my parents because I knew they would be disappointed, but then I decided to tell them that this is who I am.

During high school, I still didn’t feel like I connected to the Israeli mentality. Therefore, I invested all of my energy and time into my studies. I was an outstanding student in all of the subjects and I took five-point matriculations in sciences and humanities (including religious studies).

It took me four years (all of high school) of assimilating into Israeli culture to feel as though I belonged. During my time in National Service, I worked at Ilanot School in Jerusalem with children who suffered from cerebral palsy. I thoroughly enjoyed working with these children and discovered that I truely loved helping them.

Fast forward a few years… I got married… Gave birth to three wonderful children (they are all adults now), and had my share of difficult experiences. Raising children came with its own challenges: postpartum depression, extended sleep deprivation, 18 years of a challenging marriage, and a difficult divorce. Three years ago I discovered that I have fibromyalgia (chronic fatigue syndrome plus non-localized pain in my whole body). My real estate business collapsed as a result of my divorce, thereafter I built my life coaching business. However, then the coronavirus took us all by surprise and completely changed our lives forever.

My Life Today

After many years in Israel, I feel more Israeli than American. I still have American mannerisms and politeness, however, I am much more Israeli in my mentality and connection to people. My self-image and self-confidence have improved drastically over the years. I take enrichment courses regularly in the fields of life coaching and marketing from some of the leading mentors in the world. This keeps me updated on the latest developments and strategies to be able to help my clients in the best possible way. I am extremely passionate about helping others change their lives so that they can live the life they’ve always dreamt of.

My Clients

My clients make changes during and between our coaching sessions. When they finish the process with me, they have usually experienced a 180-degree flip in their lives. They leave our sessions with higher self-confidence, a stronger feeling of capability, more motivation, clearly defined goals, and the ability to deal with uncertainty. During our coaching process, they develop a higher awareness of themselves, positive thinking becomes their default, and they begin to see life through rose-tinted glasses.

Examples of clients I worked with:
-Younger clients of mine have received advice and guidance from me regarding choices in career, personal relationships, religion, goals, and overall clarity in life. They began the process with low self-confidence, feelings of not being adequate enough, and being afraid to express themselves. They finished our sessions feeling much more confident with the capability to express themselves.
-Couples who came to see me regarding issues with their children felt that they received a second chance at building a healthy relationship with their children. They left our sessions with specific tools to implement at home.
-Clients who came to see me during different stages of divorce (prior, during, post) felt that they received the answers and guidance that they needed. Men and women who were in relationships with narcissists received the necessary tools to become stronger and more motivated to leave the relationship and take back control over their lives.
-Clients that came to me in order to lose weight and develop healthy lifestyles were able to achieve their goals by learning to accept themselves as they are which helped them to succeed in other aspects of their lives as well.
-Clients who came to improve their time management skills became more efficient and effective. As a result of this, many other elements of their lives improved simultaneously.

Through my work with hundreds of clients, one thing I can say for certain is that self-confidence is the basis of everything! It is the dividing factor between a successful person and a person who experiences failures in many different areas. It is so important to work on improving self-confidence in those areas where you lack it because it will open up a whole world of possibilities for you.

My clients say that I make magic happen and the proof lies in the long-term efficacy of our sessions. Even when they go through low times, they now have a whole box of tools to help them pick themselves back up again. This is the real significance of my work: to help my clients get to a point where they are able to spread their wings and fly. You are welcome to read what my clients have written about me in my testimonials.

Life is a never-ending school process during which we are in a constant state of learning and development. The important thing is to learn our lessons and benefit from them, not to repeat the same mistakes again, and to recognize when there are good opportunities that appear before us.

I know that if you found this website, it wasn’t by chance. I am confident that I will be able to help you on your journey in search of solutions to difficult problems and provide guidance that will enable you to live a happier, more satisfying, and more meaningful life.

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