Renana Oknin

Dear Shuli
There is no one better suited than you to help people. What you managed to do with me in one conversation many good and talented people did not succeed in many conversations giving lots of advice. You have a rare ability to accurately and with little information analyze the situation and the difficulty. You have a rare ability to pinpoint the deep seated problem, as I myself was not able to for 40 years. Apart from a huge desire to help others and feel the coachees, you have a special talent and a divine hand. I feel like you're exactly what I've been looking for all my life. When you specify the problem like this, find the solution, the road becomes clear. All of this happened in one phone call. Your profession really deserves you!
Renana Oknin

Shuli Zalcman

Personal Life Coach

Specializes in relationships,
Certified by the College of Yozmut (Initiatives),
(Initiatives), Bar Ilan University, and recognized
by the Israeli Life Coaches Association.

 050-3831981 |

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